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Bee catching with my daughter

June 9, 2013

Summer vacation started this week, so I took the opportunity to take my daughter into the field with me. We had a great time catching bees, and she is a very good bee catcher! We went to two of my field sites near Austin, and had great bee collecting. Here is my daughter netting bees on flowers: IMG_0700   And here she is with a catch (I haven’t looked at it closely yet but I think it is Svastra): IMG_0706   At the other field site we found some Anthidium (still need to id her) nests. Here is a mom from one of the nests: mom.hamilton.resin.nest.6.6.13.A   And here is a nest. Note the pebbles that are incorporated in the nest. The female collects resin to construct the nest, hence Anthidium are sometimes called resin bees, as are other bees in the same family, the Megachilidae. nest.45.Hamilton.Ranch

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  1. August 5, 2013 2:51 pm

    What a lovely wonderful little granddaughter we have!!!

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